Lead Paint Remediation

Lead paint is quite common in houses built before 1980s. The older your home, the higher the likelihood that lead paint was used on it at some point. Greenspring Services can safely remove lead paint from your home, office or other residential or commercial property.

  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified contractors knowledgeable in preventing lead exposure.
  • Safe and secure lead paint removal without any risk to you, your family, employees or clients.
  • Get a peace of mind knowing that your home or office is a safe place for your family or employees.

We will evaluate the extent of your lead paint problem and suggest the best solution. While removal is the sure way to eliminate lead paint from your home, sometimes, replacing painted items or encapsulating the paint might be a better and more cost-effective approach.

How Dangerous is Lead?

Lead paint was commonly used on both home interior and exterior. It is not dangerous when it’s not disturbed and can be further disarmed by applying a special protective coating. However, when you perform sanding, drilling, sawing or otherwise disrupt a surface covered with lead paint, you cause the paint to flake off and release lead dust into the air.

  • Lead exposure may cause permanent kidney damage, as well as blood pressure and fertility problems in adults.
  • Children are particularly sensitive to lead and way develop behavioral, learning and physical problems as a result of lead exposure.
  • Exposure to lead both before and during pregnancy may slow down development of the baby, as well as result in premature birth and other health issues.

Don’t Delay. Act Quickly!

Not sure if it’s lead? Test it or we can come and test it for you. Don’t delay if you discover deteriorating lead paint – call us right away to minimize your risk of lead exposure. Particularly watch out for lead paint covered wood, such as window frames and doors, as they experience a lot of friction that releases lead dust. Contact us today to take care of your lead problem!