Anti-Slip & Safety Coatings

Prevent Workplace Injuries With Anti-slip Coatings

At Greenspring Services, we can install anti-slip and safety coatings that meet and exceed USDA, OSHA, and ADA standards and pass ASTM tests. We use only high-quality products designed for commercial applications.

Our safety coatings are highly durable

  • They can tolerate heavy¬† traffic, including traffic from equipment and machinery
  • They provide high traction and are resistant to chemicals
  • They last five times longer than sand-in-paint and are just as affordable

anti-slip safety coatingWe can apply anti-slip coatings virtually anywhere:

    • warehouse flooring
    • equipment work stations
    • staircases and elevators
    • beds/step bumpers

The process is fast, straightforward and will cause minimal downtime. Contact us to talk about your safety coating needs.